What Comic Grading system do you use ?

All our comics have a grade to represent the condition of the comic. After the description of each comic is a number, this number indicates the condition of the comic. The system we use at Suddenly comics is the same one used by the major grading companies such as CGC and CBCS. The higher the number the better the condition of the comic, the lowest grade being a 0.5 and the highest being a 10. At Suddenly Comics the highest grade we give any comic is a 9.2. This is because the grading process for comics graded higher than 9.2 is very subjective.

Can I return, and get refunded for my comics that I buy from you if I disagree with the your Grading ?


We will accept returns on all orders up until 14 days from the purchase date. For details please see our full refund policy.

What happens if my comics get damaged in the post ?

If your comics get damaged in the post we will need to claim on the insurance provided by the delivery company. You will need to provide comprehensive photographic evidence of the damage, and details of the delivery to Suddenly Comics so that we can submit the insurance claim. When we have received the compensation from the delivery company we will pass the full amount onto you. 

Please note that your comics are only insured for the standard amounts indicated for the delivery service you have selected. The amount received may not be the full value of the comics you bought. Additional shipping insurance is available so that the full value of your comics is covered.